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Joe and the Joe Show

                Start with a little magic. Add some breathtaking illusions. Stir in appearances from an amazing collection of puppets. Sprinkle in a healthy dose of jokes, laughter and fun, and you have the recipe for a perfect birthday party – it’s known as the Joe Show
                There’s a surprise around every corner at a Joe Show. Props will dance and fly, and disappear and reappear! Animal puppet friends will join the party, and Joe’s zany jokes will have everyone in stitches! Above all, a Joe Show party is a day of FUN your kids won’t soon forget.
               After 15 years of performing for audiences of all ages, Joe turned the Joe show into his full-time career. He’s been featured on national tv, and in addition to birthday parties performs at schools, camps, churches, celebrations and community events. Parties are tailored to your child’s age, and when you book, Joe will send you a planning guide, invitations, and printable decorations.
             Joe has five exciting themes to choose from: The Joe Show, The Amazing Joe Superhero Show, The Pirate Joe Show, The Jurassic Joe Show and The Joe Lego Show. You can choose a half-hour show, a full-hour show or a two-hour show and workshop. Face painting and balloons can be added to your party package. Joe supplies all his own equipment, props and music and takes care of the setup and takedown. All you have to do is watch how much fun your child and guests are having!
            Joe has performed for organizations and events including; Edmonton Valley Zoo, Galaxy Land, Suncor, St. Albert International Children's Festival, New Year's Eve for the City of Edmonton, and the YMCA, just to name a few.

The classic Joe Show is so much fun!

See how kids react!!! 

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Check out Joe's illusions.

Dancing Hank.

The Floating Table Joe Show.

Joe has over  20 animal friends that he performs with, meet some of them below. 

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Speciality Theme Shows

The Jurassic Joe Show.

A Dino-Mite Adventure. 

Take a step back in time as Joe takes you on a Dino-mite adventure! Find out how a dodo bird sits her nephew JR?  Watch a baby dino hatch right in front of your eyes from an egg. Will the raptor trainer who fell into the raptor cage ever escape? Meet a Parasaurolophus. 

  • Plus, many other dinosaur facts, illusions, and fun in this show! Joe also brings his personal collection of Dinosaur fossils.   

 The Joe Show 

A Builders Adventure 

Kids' love to build, and this show will be using every kids' favorite bricks! Join Paco the Parrot as he does some amazing tricks with bricks. Watch a wand made of bricks disappear and appear from across the stage. Can you guess what colours will be next on the changing blocks? The show features many favorite characters and more! 

Joe Super Hero Show Adventure

 It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Meet Oreo the Skunk and find out his super hero power. Find out what it takes to be a superhero from Captain A the worlds oldest super hero. Join Joe as he becomes Super Chicken, meet Gravity Girl, Electro Magnet, and perform many other heroic tasks and illusions too.

 The Pirate Joe Show, 

Adventure on the High Seas!!!

Raise anchor and set sail with Joe for a Pirate Adventure. Join animals like Navy Seal, Paco the Parrot, use a sword and learn to fight like a pirate, meet Peg Leg Pete and Cannon Ball Karl and lots of other surprises and laughs. Plus learn to chant like a Pirate. 

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