E-I-E-I Joe Show

Joe Provides a 1 hour Magic, Comedy, Ventriloquism farm show called the EIEI Joe Show. This is a family show for all ages that not only engages but entertains. Great for Schools or Family Events. Boundaries on the farm, what to do with tools, safety with moving vehicles/ machinery and warning signs are the topics Joe covers in this show. Joe will have a 2nd Farm Safety Show available in Jan 2020 for those that want to book him more then one time. Joe also has available a take home Farm safety trick for each child at his shows

Bring the Joe Show to Your Event

Nine Great Joe Show themes for Your Event!

Joe has eight exciting themes to choose from: The Classic Joe Show, The Amazing Joe Superhero Show, The Pirate Joe Show, The Jurassic Joe Show, The Builders Adventure Show, The Royal Joe Show, Jungle Joe's World of Animals, The E-I-E-I Joe Show and the Jupiter Joe Space Show.

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Joe supplies all his own equipment, props, mic and music and takes care of the setup and takedown.

All you have to do is watch how much fun your child and guests are having!